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Why are we collecting stories?

Ten years in the making, the Ken Burns and Lynn Novick film, The Vietnam War begins on Nine PBS on September 17, 2017. This armed conflict was one of the longest and most divisive in U.S. history. There are many untold stories that need to be shared. Nine Network is partnering with the Missouri History Museum as part of the relaunch of Soldiers Memorial Military Museum to collect stories about the many perspectives of the Vietnam War from members of our community. We’re seeking stories from veterans, those on the homefront, and those from the Vietnamese community. Anyone that has a story to share from this era is encouraged to submit a story. Every single story is important. You can submit your story or encourage someone you know to submit their story. Sharing stories is one way we can begin to understand what happened from an individual perspective. These stories will make students out of each of us.

Story submissions will be archived in partnership with the Missouri History Museum and Nine Network of Public Media.
1st Cavalry Division (Air Mobile) arrives in Vietnam. September 14, 1965.
Eva Jefferson during the student strike at Northwestern University. May 1970.
Members of the 196th Light Infantry Brigade on an armored personnel carrier. 1968.
Army nurse, Joan Furey, in 71st Evacuation Hospital. Pleiku, May 1969.
Soldiers of the 25th Infantry Division near Saigon, January 1968.